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What is "Panel for Life"?

Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation (CVE) (Founder/Chair Christel Takigawa) aims to eliminate dog and cat euthanasia by promoting animal welfare in Japan by the year of 2020.
CVE is launching a new project called “Panel for Life (Inochi no Paneru)” in which life-sized dog and cat displays are featured in various places in an effort to increase awareness of the existence of rescued dogs and cats and to help them find their homes. Each display incorporates a QR code directing people to the official website to search for their new family member.

About the Animal Welfale
  • Animal welfare means how an animal is coping with the good conditions in which it lives. There are important factors that influence its welfare. These factors are often summarised as "The Five Freedoms", proposed in UK.
  1. Freedom from hunger and thirst
  2. Freedom from discomfort
  3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
  4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
  5. Freedom from fear and distress

Rescue dogs and cats are waiting for new families! ↓

We are also waiting for your story! ↓

If you adopted a rescued dog or cat through the project, please contact us! We’d love to know that story and how happy your dog or cat is now with you!

To support our project↓

If you are interested in supporting our project, please click the logo (Who's next?) in the bottom and provide us with the requested contact and company information. (Presently, the form is only available in Japanese)
* Please note that our response time may be delayed based on the number of inquiries received. We will do our best to respond as promptly as possible and will do so based on the order in which inquiries were received. We thank you in advance for your patience.


What is "Christel Vie Ensemble Foundation"?

CVE founded by Christel Takigawa aims to eliminate dog and cat euthanasia by promoting animal welfare and protect the biodiversity of wild animals.
Our foundation’s role is to bridge the gaps between all living creatures (including people) and to foster an environment wherein all people and animals can happily coexist.

Panel for Life Concept Movie
Message from the Chair and Founder, Christel Takigawa
Interview with Mr. Tetsuya Bessho (Project supporter)
Interview with Rola-san (Project supporter)
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AC Plaza Kariya Animal Hospital Co., Ltd. Akihiko Kumagai Akito Saito Apple Box inc. Chiyoda Nyantonarukai Citizens for animal protection, ibaraki netework (CAPIN) Daisuke Nakayama (daicon.Inc.) Dobutsu Kyusaikai Easy Communications Inc. Hajime Koizumi Hajime Ogura Izumi Mitsui Kentaro Osawa (Film Director) Kevin Bao Kosuke Nakayama (daicon.inc.) Leslie Kee (Photographer) Masataka Ohta Natsuko Kondo Nozomi Yoshino Roland Kirishima (Photographer) Saeko Kanoh (daicon.inc.) Shippo no Nakama Takashi Iijima Takeshi Hanzawa Takuma Saeki Takumi Odate Wannyan Enishi NPO Waspace Yuichiro Saito (Gala K.K.) Yusuke Sato (Freak Out K.K.)